Club Giving

Supporting women and and girls in our community

Club Giving from Soroptimist of Humboldt Bay

Our objective is to support women and girls in our community.  To that end, we accept Club Giving applications which are solicited from the community on an annual basis. The funding requests received are evaluated and awarded based on need and the criteria presented. Grant funds which benefit women are preferred, but of course men and boys are also supported in our club giving program.
To be considered for a gift from our club, complete the application which be be accessed below, and submit it to our club.  The more information and specificity, the more likely the application will be successful.

Previous Club Giving Report

Previous recipients of SIHB Club Giving Awards must submit a report describing how the previously awarded funds were utilized.  Previous recipients will not be considered for additional Club Giving awards unless they provide SIHB with a report.
To be considered for a gift from SIHB, if you have previously been awarded a gift from SIHB, complete the report which can be accessed below and submit it to SIHB, either through this website, by email or to our P.O. Box.